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List of Best Indian Advertisement Ad Jingles

Advertisement is the medium which pushes the consumer to buy a product. Among all the advertising mediums television ads have the most impact on buyers. Celebrities like Amitabh Bhachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Hema Malini Madhuri Dixit, Kapil Dev, Sanchin Tendulkar and many more famous names have endrosed some of the well known brands.  Some of these TV ads have created lasting impact on consumers because of their catchy music and jingles. Just like a hit music is important for the success of a movie, a catchy jingle is important for marketing a product.

Popular Brands like Nescafe, Cadbury, Pepsi, Nerolac etc have utilised the power of these ad jingles to increases their sales and influence consumers. Most of these ads are so popular that many of us can guess the brand with the particular jingle. Many established playback singers like KK, Kunal Ganjawala and famous composer like A R Rahaman worked on ad jingles in the beginning of their career.

Here is list of some of the best and most popular ad jingles of Indian Television.

  1. Hamar Bajaj is one of the most famous ad jingles of 90’s. This advertisement was created for the promotion of Bajaj Automobiles which was the largest manufacturer of two wheelers in India. Bajaj scooter was part of most the Indian households in that era.
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  2. Hum Hai Na is jingle created for ICICI Bank. ICICI bank  is a private bank whuch became highly popular due its professionalism and customer satisfaction. People started showing more and more trust in ICICI bank due to their exemplary banking services. This advertisment further fortified peoples trust in ICICI.
  3. Kuch Khaas Hai Hum Sabhi Mein jingle is a cute jingle for Cadbury Chocolate. Not only the song but the advertisement visually was very appealing and contributed a lot in making Cadbury the most popular Chocolate brand in India.
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  4. Nirma Washing Powder ad jingle is a catchy tune for the promotion of Nirma Washing Powder which was one of the few washing powder brands in India in 90’s. This jingle picturised on three dancing girls made the washing powder brand Nirma a household name.
  5. You And I and This Beautiful World is one of the most popular jingle of Indian Television. This jingle features a boy and a cute pug dog that became the face of Vodafone. This ad campaign played a very important role in make Vodafone one of the most popular mobile network.
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  6. Bole Mere Lips I Love Uncle Chips is a popular jingle for the popular patato chips brand Uncle Chips. Uncle Chips was one of the first major chips brand in India. Many kids of 90’s will relate with this popular ad jingle.
  7. Paas ao is popular line from the close up advertisement, Close Up toothpaste has been a major toothpaste brand in India and established its image as a youth toothpaste.
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  8. Doodh Doodh is a very popular ad jingle emphasising on the importance of milk for health and fitness. This advertisement was created for Amul Milk.
  9. Khana Meri Jaan Andey is another popular jingle of 90’s. This advertisement was created for spreading awareness about the health benefits of eating eggs regularly. The ad features legendary Indian wrestler and actor Dara Singh.
  10. Pyar Ki Raah Mein is a very popular ad jingle for propmotion of Imperial Blue. This jingle is used in multiple advertiements of Imperial Blue. These ads are humorous and the jingle instantly connects with the brand.
  11. Amul Taste of India is a promotional ad jingle for promtion of the various products of Amul Brand. Amul Dairy is the pioneer in producing milk products in India founded by Tribhuvandan Das Patel. Amul brand attained enormous sucess under the leadership of Dr. Verghese Kurian.
  12. Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai is a catchy ad jingle for airtel. This advertisement aimed at youths was helpful in converting these youth to airtel customers.
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  13. Zhandu Baam jingle is one of the most popular ad jingle. Zhandu Balm is a well known multipurpose balm. This particular ad jingle played a vital role in marketing of Zhandu Balm
  14. Jab Ghar Ki Raunak Badhani Ho is a highly popular ad jingle for Nerolac Paints, one of the leading paint brands in India. Almost every 90’s kid is aware of this ad jingle which was multiple times on television.
  15. Dhara Dhara Shudh Dhara is a sweet ad jingle for Dhara Oil. This commercial with cute kid became highy popular and made Dhara Oil a popular brand.
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  16. Lifeboy Hai Jahan is one of the oldest ad jingle of Indian Television. This advertisement for Lifeboy Soap is known for making Lifeboy Saop a household name.
  17. Chehre Ki Sundarta is another popular ad jingle created for the promotion of Hamam Bath Soap.
  18. Liril ad jingle is well known and highly popular. This advertisement  featured popular actress Priety Zinta in her initial days as a model.
  19. Kushboo Sunflower Ki is an ad jingle popular for promtion of Sunflower Cooking Oil.
  20. Woogli Woogli Woosh ad jingle for Ponds Cold Cream is a very popular advertisement.
  21. School Time ad jingle for Action Shoes
  22. Vicco Turmeric is one of the oldest known ad jingle. Vicco Turmeric Cream is widely known in India as an Ayurvedic Cosmetic Cream because of this popular ad jingle.
  23. Tum Husn Pari Tum Jane Jahan ad jingle for Nirma Beauty Soap that features popular bollywood actress Sonali Bendre.|
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  24. Pa Pa Ra Ra is the most famous ad jingle synoymous with Nescafe Coffee. Whenever this ad jingle is played on radio or television one is reminded of smooth taste of Nescafe Coffee.
  25. Aaya Naya Ujala is an ad jingle used in advertisiment for promotion of Ujala Washing Powder.
  26. Bole Mere Lips ad jingle for promtion of Uncle Chips, one of the oldest chips brand of India.
  27. Sirf Ek Saridon ad jingle used in advertisment of popular pain relief medicine saridon.
  28. Asli Masale MDH is highly popular ad jingle for MDH Spices. MDH is the leading brand of natural indian spices.
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  29. Maggi jingle is another popular ad jingle for the popular noodle Maggie.
  30. Nima Sandal Girl ad jingle for promotion of Nima Sandal Soap is a popular advertisment.