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Anup Anoop Jalota Songs Hit Songs Bhajans List

Anoop Jalota is India’s most accomplished bhajan singer. He is popularly known as Bhajan Samrat and rightly so as he has a vast repertoire of hit devotional songs. Anoop Jalota’s father  Purushottam Das Jalota was also a well known bhajan singer. He has also sung ghazals and few bollywood songs but his forte has always been bhajans.

His bhajans are very melodious and appeal to audiences. The super hit bhajan Aisi laagi lagan is one of the best devotional songs sung by Bhajan King Anoop Jalota. His baritone voice and the nuances that he brings into singing is his unique selling point. Anoop Jalota is proud recipient of the Padma Shri award.

Here is list of some of the most memorable songs and bhajans of Anoop Jalota.

  1. Aisi laagi lagan meera ho gayi magan is one the most popular bhajan of Anoop Jalota. This melodious bhajan is in high demand whenever Bhajan Samrat Anoop Jalota is performing in live shows.
  2. Mai nahi makhan khayo is another highly popular bhajan sung by Anoop Jalota. This song describes the affection between young Lord Krishna and Mata Yashoda in most beautiful way.
  3. Jag mein sunder hain do naam is a very melodious bhajan of Anoop Jalota. This song describes the qualities and tales of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.
  4. Ram naam ati meetha hai is very sweet bhajan dedicated to Lord Rama. This soulful bhajan is one of the best devotional songs of bhajan samrat Anoop Jalota.
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  5. Rang de chunaria is a very popular bhajan of Anoop Jalota. Sung with effortless ease. This song is worth listening in repeat mode because of the meaningful lyrics and Anoop Jalota’s masterly rendition.
  6. Kabhi Kabhi bhangwan ko bhi is very harmonious devotional song by Anoop Jalota. The emotion of this song reflects the beautiful relation between lord and his devotees.
  7. Wo kala ek basuri wala is song dedicated to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna’s childhood was full of interesting tales. His melodious flute would attract people and gopis. His playful antics of childhood are well described in this beautiful song.
  8. Mai tera abhilashi is a heart touching bhajan by Anoop Jalota. Establishes the connection between god and devotee.
  9. Prabhu ji tum chandan hum pani is another beautiful bhajan song describing the greatness of almighty god.
  10. Suraji ki garmi se is a very popular devotional song sung by Sharma Bandhu. This song has been sung by Anoop Jalota in his inimitable style that sounds too melodious.

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