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Bollywood music continues to be the most popular form of music in india unlike the west where pop music is most popular.
Bollywood music has songs of all flavors be it romantic, patriotic, sad, comic, inspirational or devotional.Bollywood has been gifted with a huge pool of talented artists, musicians, lyricist song writers, singers. Each and every artist having their own individual styles and thus contributing in their own way to hind film music. We hope to contribute in our own way to this legacy by putting relevant information on

Updated List of New Hindi Bolllywood Songs

Bollywood Music is the soul of Indian Films. Hardly any Indian Bollywood movie is complete without music. Songs make a movie more interesting and many a times movies are remembered purely for their music. Indian movie songs have enthralled listeners for generations and will continue do so. The music of these bollywood movies is a treasure for Indian music lovers. With changing times music too has changed, but one thing that still connects with the people is good music with melody.

We have compiled list of new hindi songs according to popularity. Here is our collection of top hindi bollywood songs of  the year 2020 2021